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Welcome to Agribots.

Agribots is changing the way agriculture uses data by supplying small and medium producers with information from their peers that has real value.

We have built our software around information sharing and crop management with a special focus on resource conservation and emphasis best practices in agriculture. This approach is different because it helps producers understand their crop production methods better while helping to reduce waste.

Agribots Inc. is the first in ground data analytics company in agriculture to build enterprise software for small and medium fruit producers that allows them to manage, upload, and share their business and sensor data. This helps create gains from better business practices and benchmarking. We are bringing open data and the digital sharing economy to agriculture.

Additionally, we are producing a simple and easy to use, cloud-based, field management software that allows for input and yield control, accounting, inventory management and sensor data aggregation. In conjunction we also have designed a small field sensor that collects soil data. Our sensor is built around open source hardware.

Do we have your attention?

The Agribots solution and how it can help you

Our firm is currently pioneering an array of services to help crop producers meet all of their crop management and resource allocation needs.

About The Agribots Team

Working together since October of 2013, the Agribots team is currently comprised of two co-founders with the intent of revolutionizing the way data is utilized in agriculture.

Juan Abraham Massmann

Lead Product Developer

Originally from Linares Chile, Juan has his degree in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering and previously developed products with Corpbanca Corporate Bank in Chile. Recently, Juan graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with degrees from the Wharton School (MBA) and Lauder Institute (MA). Juan's family has had extensive experience with agricultural processes related to wine grapes.

Raul Acuña

System Architecture

Hailing from Santiago Chile, Raul is a software engineer with previous experience in multiple fields including quant engineering, electronic design automation, and e-commerce. Most recently Raul was a critical lead in helping develop the Point-of-Sale system for mobile applications at Groupon. Raul holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science from the Pontifical Catholic University in Chile.

Carlos Vadillo Rodriguez

Business Strategy and Development

After growing up in Mexico City and the United States, Carlos received a B.A. in Political Economy of Industrial Societies from the University of California Berkeley. After graduation he spent 5 years working with Wells Fargo Securities before pursuing dual degrees from The University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School (MBA) and Lauder Institute (MA). Carlos also has experience in wine and beer production.

Awards and Advisors

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Agribots has received much feedback on their current agricultural product suite. What started out as a simple submission for a business plan competition allowed the team to receive criticism while receiving the funding necessary to continue development.