From an Investors Perspective

There are many reasons to look at the 'agri-tech' space. At Agribots, we are very excited to be pioneering a technological solution to the growing problems in agriculture.

The Current State of Affairs

Agriculture is facing some strong pressures from growing populations to decreasing arable land worldwide. According to economists, by the year 2050 the global population will reach 9 billion people, and, although population growth is growing at a decreasing rate, the increase in population will undoubtedly strain many food resources.

Additionally, as of December 2014, the International Food Policy Institute (IFPI) estimated that the world is home to over 570 million farms. Incidentally, the geographic distribution of farms is not equal across the world as about three-quarters of the worlds farms are located in Asia, and 60 percent of these are located in China and India. Arable land is increasingly becoming more scarce while at the same time food demand is growing.

Lastly, current agricultural processes can also create waste through inefficiencies. The continued population growth, which is two percent annually, still pushes many countries and nations to pursue effective, but detrimental solutions to the food production problem. A perfect example of these detrimental practices is the use of pesticides or reliance on pesticides as a means to eradicate pests. However, these tools have found their way into water supplies and are affecting native species.

In light of the many problems and inefficiencies facing agricultural processes, Agribots was born.

What Support We Need

We are currently boot-strapping Agribots with the help of the Chilean government. We have been asked to participate in Chile's Start-up Chile program twice in a row and have set forth a set of strategic goals that will help us in establishing a robust company.

  • Find and retain customers through beta testing.
  • Continue to develop a product that emphasizes data sharing and best practices.
  • Find strategic partners to help us achieve those goals.
  • Guidance and expertise in the field of agriculture.
  • As an investor or a potential client, you can help us in our quest to making agriculture more efficient and more standardized by assisting us in reaching our full potential. Our company is currently undiluted, but we will be looking for funding in the future. If you are interested in staying in touch with us, please follow us through social media and stay in contact with us.